CleanlyKey is a stylish, compact, anti-microbial, brass key that creates a safe way to complete everyday tasks without touching shared surfaces that harbor bacteria and viruses.

 Applications include: 

➕ Open all commercial door handles

➕ Push open doors

➕ Contactless ATM's visit (Analogy and Digital)

➕ Public Bathrooms (doors, locks, sinks)

➕ Elevator Buttons

➕ Parking Meters

➕ Interface with digital touch screens

➕ Electronic Signatures

➕ Carry multiple shopping bags


This handmade piece is inspired by the organic flowing shapes and silhouettes of nature. Contemporary in style and premium in feel, this tool is made with quality in mind. The cleanly key comes in a 24k gold color plating.


A balance between form and function. Large enough for multi-finger grip, allowing it to pull open heavy doors and doors with resistance without finger strain. Small enough to be used easily carry with you, in a handbag, purse or clutch.


Hand-made in Bali Indonesia from solid die-cast brass. At 73 grams it is compact and light enough to companion you in daily life, but solid enough to make it very dependable and versatile. This key is corrosion resistant and rustproof.


Brass is an antimicrobial metal. Brass has an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly as its high copper content disrupts key cell functions of microbes. Laboratory testing has shown that brass kills more than 99.9 percent of microbes.


This key comes with a 100% happiness guarantee